New Project.

So, a new project is starting over on Agnostic Bible. The main article was inspired by some of the American Right’s views on the Bible and economics. Hence the first article is “Was… Continue reading


  In the valley of bones the elders lay dozing Beating back the creep of age and bouncing nod-ulations   Judgment day breezed on by into lungs re-filling with long past tendencies and… Continue reading

Lesbian Cabinet Makers Breathe Sigh of Relief!

Lesbian Cabinet Makers in Northern Ireland breathed a sigh of relief today as their previously uncontroversial relationship with the many Muslim Printers in NI that had been thrown into concern as a result… Continue reading

Response to the Stephen Fry Responses [EDITED]

or “Why I don’t believe the people who don’t believe in the God Stephen Fry doesn’t believe in have told the whole truth about God”  Stephen Fry was asked a hypothetical question.  He… Continue reading

10^2 Dutch Driver Culture Conversation

I once ventured to make conversation with a Dutch driver. That is not the punchline. Four of us were travelling together, booked for a ‘gig’ in the Netherlands. Picked up by a driver,… Continue reading

10squared (10^2) Blogging

With an interest in resurrecting the blogging format in my life I was concerned that many words would be written and much waffling would fill these internets to capacity. A good friend ‘Qmonkey’… Continue reading

10^2 The long road from deism to theism

It is a long way from ‘pre-thing‘ that brings our timeandspace into being to ‘Jesus wants you to marry that girl’ It is a long road from the mystery behind the coming into… Continue reading

10^2 Does love require God?

Can those without a (Christian) God of love really love? If you do not believe reality sprang from ultimate love Can you be a truly loving person? The answer of course, is yes.… Continue reading