In the valley of bones the elders lay dozing Beating back the creep of age and bouncing nod-ulations   Judgment day breezed on by into lungs re-filling with long past tendencies and… Continue reading

Lesbian Cabinet Makers Breathe Sigh of Relief!

Lesbian Cabinet Makers in Northern Ireland breathed a sigh of relief today as their previously uncontroversial relationship with the many Muslim Printers in NI that had been thrown into concern as a result… Continue reading

Response to the Stephen Fry Responses [EDITED]

or “Why I don’t believe the people who don’t believe in the God Stephen Fry doesn’t believe in have told the whole truth about God”  Stephen Fry was asked a hypothetical question.  He… Continue reading

10^2 Dutch Driver Culture Conversation

I once ventured to make conversation with a Dutch driver. That is not the punchline. Four of us were travelling together, booked for a ‘gig’ in the Netherlands. Picked up by a driver,… Continue reading

10squared (10^2) Blogging

With an interest in resurrecting the blogging format in my life I was concerned that many words would be written and much waffling would fill these internets to capacity. A good friend ‘Qmonkey’… Continue reading

10^2 The long road from deism to theism

It is a long way from ‘pre-thing‘ that brings our timeandspace into being to ‘Jesus wants you to marry that girl’ It is a long road from the mystery behind the coming into… Continue reading

10^2 Does love require God?

Can those without a (Christian) God of love really love? If you do not believe reality sprang from ultimate love Can you be a truly loving person? The answer of course, is yes.… Continue reading

10^2 How did something come out of nothing?

How did something come out of nothing? How can ‘timeandspace’ bang into being? No amount of re-rendering the language can avoid this mystery For the something we now exist in to be It’s… Continue reading