10squared (10^2) Blogging


With an interest in resurrecting the blogging format in my life I was concerned that many words would be written and much waffling would fill these internets to capacity. A good friend ‘Qmonkey’ suggested a tight format for blogs some time ago – essentially 10 lines and 100 words to make your point and get out again. In, out. I read one he did on Beauty and suggested he publish it. I really liked the format. So he published two : ‘Beauty‘ and ‘Death‘. Check them out.

So I suggested we could call the format ‘tensquared’.    The rules (which we are currently making up as we go along) are:

  • Ten lines of prose
  • 100 words exactly
  • Each line can vary in word length

Use it to make a point quickly in a constrained manner.  Or use it for anything you like.

So, following on from my last post, I have put three ‘tensquared’ blogs together on religious / philosophical themes.  I’m ‘finding’ my way around some ideas… consider these thought processes and not hardened conclusions.  Hope you like them… in order they should be read as follows:

  1. 10^2 How did something come out of nothing?
  2. 10^2 Does love require God?
  3. 10^2 The long road from deism to theism

I know that sounds heavy… but at least you know they will only be 100 words !!!!

Vox O’Malley – constraining the voice to 10^2 words.