More Brazen Lunacy (Staring at the Ceiling)

New Track (Thursday 29th March 2012): Staring at the Ceiling So this is more ‘groove’ driven – reminds me of the late Mic Christopher.  Shout out to ‘QMonkey’ / @JonnyGibson  for laying down… Continue reading

Brazen Lunacy

So, I can’t sit still and occasionally I do some stuff in Garageband. These things are only ideas, channelling Van Halen (!) and some kind of melancholy.  The lyrics are unfinished so they… Continue reading


What is this life if, full of care, We have no time to appreciate Cher? What’s our memory if we, losing some, Forget the vid of her astride the big gun? Her early… Continue reading

Oden’s Day

For all the friends of days under Valhalla’s bridge, constant in your loyalty, and kings of comedic timing You are my rocks, with ordinances at the ready, unexploded but pending. Just waiting for… Continue reading


Ambiguity, what did you do to me? I won so many prizes… through your covered perspicuity! What virtuous patience, like continental drift, Imperceptible shift, can tear Pangaea’s heart? Juggling, I found the even… Continue reading

Insurrection Review – Magnesium Theology

I wanted Insurrection to be what it suggests it is.  I really did.  I wanted ‘pyro-theology’ to be genuine kindling to ignite, burn and purify, leaving something of value in something that has… Continue reading

The Cycle

The sun hangs low in winter sky Weighted in shallow, heatless dazzle Treacherous beauty and I, I wish that these days were done The sun sparkles in spring sky Framed in ice blue… Continue reading

The Bore

Often the biggest bores have enough social decency to ask you at least one personal question to feign interest. Their lack of a follow on question and twitching body language testify that they… Continue reading