The Bore

Often the biggest bores have enough social decency to ask you at least one personal question to feign interest. Their lack of a follow on question and twitching body language testify that they… Continue reading

Translink. Sort it out. [grumpathon]

Dear Translink, I use your website frequently to check my train times. I want to use the train, I want to save the world/environment/money on taxis. So on Saturday I negotiated your slightly… Continue reading

iPhone 3Gs, o2, Twitter and the information superhighway

Max O’Malley is amazed at how fast information travels.

Questions for the Presbyterian Mutual Society

Amongst some papers I discovered a brochure for the Presbyterian Mutual Society, it is undated but seems to be around 2002/2003. On looking at it I have some questions for the church and… Continue reading

Smile, you are ethically banking [from]

You have all heard of the Coop, right? Well a few years ago the “Co” started an internet only banking organisation called “Smile”. It was the early days of internet banking and only… Continue reading

Quantitative Easing – part 2

Imagine a bank that looks like this (simplified for my benefit as much as anything else!): It has £100,000 of money on deposit. According to banking rules, each bank is allowed to loan… Continue reading

Quantitative Easing – part 1

So, here is what seems to be happening in my best layman’s terms. The businesses in our economy are not selling enough stuff because we are not buying enough stuff. The businesses are… Continue reading

Address to an English Dish

As appeared on Radio 4’s “The Write Stuff” and deserving wider attention. Apologies to any offended and have to say that I enjoy Auntie Bessie’s Yorkshire Pud’s. in the style of “Rabbie” Burns… Continue reading