Recommending : Dashboard Widgets – Facebook Watch

Apple – Downloads – Dashboard Widgets – Facebook Watch  – Having suffered a week of facebook addiction I found this little tool for Mac users.  Its a great widget that instantly shows the latest… Continue reading

Dear Prime Minister,

Dear Gordon, Congratulations. You have the patience of an archangel. I am glad that you have been watching West Wing because asking Paddy Ashdown (Pantsdown) to take on Northern Ireland was a truly… Continue reading

the Answer to the Grey Havens of Matthew 10:40-42

I’m afraid that the previous post on Matthew 10:40-42 will remain unanswered. I am going on holiday this Saturday to the French part of France. If my minister is chronological in his Matthean… Continue reading

Slightly Homoerotic?

I am currently reading  Dancing in the Streets: A History of Collective Joy – and it has solidified something in my mind that I have often thought and never discussed much:  The miles of… Continue reading

Once again tears

Real Live Preacher manages everytime to touch my innermost soul.

Moses and the Quizzing Generation

“When your children ask you in time to come, ‘What is the meaning of the decrees and the statutes and the ordinances that the LORD our God has commanded you?’ then you shall… Continue reading

The Grey Havens of Matthew 10:40-42

The sermon in church this morning was called “War and Peace” and was based on the famous passage of Jesus where he says that he did not come to bring “peace” but the… Continue reading

On the Death of a Relative

She was never “involved” with Jesus. I use that phrase “involved” to avoid the pantheon of evangelical cliches that describe someone as “saved”. She couldn’t stand the botheration of whatever Gospel gunners turned… Continue reading