The Grey Havens of Matthew 10:40-42

The sermon in church this morning was called “War and Peace” and was based on the famous passage of Jesus where he says that he did not come to bring “peace” but the… Continue reading

The Architecture of Happiness

Alain de Botton has amused me for years. On reading “The Architecture of Happiness” I am reminded why – he is an intellectual explorer, maintaining a childlike inquisitiveness about life that I appreciate… Continue reading

On the Death of a Relative

She was never “involved” with Jesus. I use that phrase “involved” to avoid the pantheon of evangelical cliches that describe someone as “saved”. She couldn’t stand the botheration of whatever Gospel gunners turned… Continue reading


Over the past week I managed to slow my life down to a near halt by a combination of accident and illness. My accident was banjaxing my laptop hard drive by setting a… Continue reading

As a father of two little girls

This : Real Live Preacher – The Seventh Sister breaks my heart. Thank you RLP for doing what you do best, augmenting the ordinary and letting my heart grieve for things not yet… Continue reading

BBC NEWS | UK | Dragons’ Den sauce hits shelves

BBC NEWS | UK | Dragons’ Den sauce hits shelves Don’t tell my wife, but Dragons’ Den isn’t a spoof. They really do seem to be real people with real business ideas. Levi… Continue reading

Chomping my way through Chomsky

A media student recommended Noam Chomsky’s Media Control after I gave a talk on the biblical character of Jeremiah at his university. My thanks abound for what is a tour de force. I… Continue reading

Pool Trick Shots

This is superb!